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YouVsYou aka UVU is an artist-founded project that aims to create an interactive experience using your erc-721 token. Your token is a PFP that doubles as a mint pass to animated art drops that are used within the UzerVerse. The art drops will be released weekly and will be free to mint to UVU pass holders only. The supply of the animated art drops will always be less than 250 supply, only active Uzers will be able to mint them all and receive a special prize once they are all collected. The animated pieces also have a use within the UzerVerse, from redeeming (redacted) to creating (redacted). 2000 Uzers created using a combination of 66 out of this world hand drawn traits. Owning a Uzer grants you Intellectual-Property Rights to that specific Uzer, allowing you to create your own brand via your own Uzer.





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Latest data provided on September 22, 2022, 11:24 PM UTC
Contract number0x9759[...]c57d
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Decentralized MetadataIPFS
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ERC1651 / 1Contract implements 100% of the specification
ERC2719 / 9Contract implements 100% of the specification
ERC271 Enum3 / 3Contract implements 100% of the specification
ERC271 Meta3 / 3Contract implements 100% of the specification